Welcome to the Neologian Community of Artists and Writers. We publish a literary and art magazine of authors, visual artists, actors, commentary, and interviews. We host events typically local to Chicagoland (for now). We are interested in everything from the political to the fantastical to the mundane. Thanks for joining us.

We are pleased to announce that Neologian is a Finalist for the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses 2018 Firecracker Awards for Best Debut. Congratulations to all of our contributors, staff, and supporters for this great honor.

We accept open submissions based on our Runic theme: a new age re-imagining of ancient Nordic Runes. Catherine Porzel left her runes to her granddaughter who then began to study them. They were likely quick easy marks to show ownership or designate use of an item. They have more recently been conceptualized as a secret magical language used to connect to the divine. We thought, let’s use them to connect to the creative! Click on Submit for more about our current Rune theme, deadline, and full submission guidelines.

In the meantime enjoy your day.

Keep reading,  dancing, painting, dreaming, creating, and write on.