The definition of Neologian is a person who has a tendency to adapt novel views.  At Neologian Literature and Art magazine, we are purveyors of the novel, the unconventional and unorthodox.  If you are seeking a place to publish your original art and literature, and fill the lungs of society with fresh air, The Neologian is a place of community and collaboration that welcomes your work.

Our mission is to publish work from rookie and veteran artists that explore new insight to our most ancient and steadfast concepts about culture and the human condition. We seek to bring artists of various mediums together under the shared process of creation and expression.

Neologian Staff:

Elizabeth Melvin is a fiction writer, poet and educator. She enlightens the masses about literature’s impact on everything from politics to prosthetics. She is co-founder and editor of the 2018 CLMP Firecracker Award Finalist Neologian literary journal where she provides a platform for unique voices in various genres (  Elizabeth completed a BA Fiction Writing from  Columbia College of Chicago and an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. Her work appears in the Neologian, Illinois’s Emerging Writers Anthology, Pitkin Review, and Big Bob’s Fish, Chips, and Poems. She is a literary devotee, mother of two amazing kids, and avid reader.

Melissa Franic lives in the Chicago area with her husband and cat. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing from Goddard College, as well as a bachelor of science in Journalism and Anthropology from Northern Illinois University. Melissa currently works in academic administration. She previously worked as a professional journalist at various suburban Chicago newspapers, including The West Chicago Press and The Naperville Sun. Her creative work has appeared in The Pitkin Review, where she also held the positions of Associate Editor and Critical Commentary Editor.

Colleen Lynn Davidson explores many forms of art. When she isn’t writing, she can be found studying acting, singing with her band, or taking a power nap after chasing around her energetic and imaginative daughter Meara. Though she is currently on the road to complete her bachelor’s degree, Colleen prides herself on being a student of life. She draws inspiration and knowledge from experience and indulging in literature, film, television, music, and various live performances.

Jeff Pizek currently lives in Schaumburg, Illinois with his beautiful wife and his asshole cat. He gave up his glamorous career as a suburban newspaper features writer for a job that pays the bills, and now he gets to only write what and when he wants to write. These days, he wants to write long-winded reviews of junky genre movies on, where he can be found under the nom de plume Scrambled Face.

Tim Schroll began taking photographs nearly 20 years ago during his first trip to Prague in the Czech Republic, and his work has been included in several exhibitions. Combining his background in creative writing with his travel photography, he enhances the context of the subject, and changes the narrative for the viewer.