Gearing up for HastagMeToo: A Rape Victim Advocates Benefit Show

I am dismantling the Lit Fest. I’m left with a great bag of mess: unsold copies, leftover bookmarks, images and items from the workshop, as well as new contacts, ideas, and events that must be sorted. How do we feel about hosting a masquerade reading in October? And for next year, a few panel ideas… I feel fantastic about it all yet that word seems to be too enthusiastic for this complete exhaustion. In the end, some of us pen-jockeys are in fact solitary and the bustle of a crowd can drain us. It is a euphoric isolation.

Back to the inbox, the WordPress, the page, to my little glyphs that make this whole existence tolerable. I have had and destroyed a handful of ideas for my contribution to Algiz. When it comes to self vs. self and staying with the pain, I have far too much gory content. (I want to meet the one who doesn’t because I can’t imagine what that life must be like.) Best to watch the shape of the next issue before I figure any of these gruesome drafts. Already the submissions come in and the choreographed dance between writer and editor swoops up to full tempo. This time around, I get to do the interview so once my social armor regenerates, I can reach out to those inspiring candidates…

While I retreat into the solitary word ocean, Colleen Davidson is hard at work pulling together the next Neologian event. HashtagMeToo: A Rape Victim Advocates Benefit Show @ Crowd Theater on Feb. 10th.  This event is art, theater, storytelling, and improv. The crew of contributing artists is so diverse and passionate. Included are Fury Hip Hop, Rachel Manter of So Pretty, Glass Basement, and more. The conversation is key. Did you know in Illinois that if a woman becomes pregnant from a rape the father can demand visitation/custody rights? He has a legal right…trauma on top of trauma. A show is a great way to get some perspective, get people talking, and give support if your hand needs a break from writing to your representatives on the Hill. The charge is $10 at the door with proceeds going to the Rape Victim Advocates. Full details available on Hastag Me Too Facebook Event .

Our lives would be so calm and quiet, wouldn’t they, if we just left it to someone else to create? I think sometimes that artists are cracked and the fumes beneath the surface seep up around us. Without expression we feel clouded. Or am I just speaking for myself? I never really know but I’ll assume I speak for more until I am corrected. That’s the beauty of community for one to rest and the others to carry the good work into the coming days.

And my final duty as a Neologian:

Neologian Wunjo: Mark III is available on Amazon

 Algiz open submission deadline is March 4th so don’t forget to click on submissions & events before you go.

See you at the Crowd Theater. Cheers.

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