Now Accepting Submissions for  Mark V: Mannaz

The starting point is the self. It is the essence of water. You must have a correct relationship with yourself before you can have one with anyone. How do we strive to live an ordinary life in a non-ordinary way? Remember what is coming to be and what is passing away. How do we shape define ourselves, character, and what is reflective of the self?

Submissions deadline is July 1st
We are accepting all kinds of visual and written works included, but not limited to:
Photography, poetry, plays, paintings, essays, graphic novels, short fiction, and sketches.

Guidelines Listed Below:

Neologian Submission Guidelines
Please submit written work in Rich Text Format (.rtf)
Word and Page Limits:
Cross-genre, Fiction, Non-fiction: 3,500 words per piece
Drama and Graphic novel: 8 pages total
Poetry: 2 pages total per piece

Email Submissions to using the following guidelines (or select “Send Email” on the Neologian Facebook page)
Subject must appear as follows: Submission/(Title)/(Author name)
Each piece must be submitted as a separate attachment.
In the email body please include the following:
• Title of the piece
• Your name as you would want it published
• A brief biography that will be published if your piece is
• Give us 5 to 7 sentences about your writing process.
Example: What do you want to share about where your ideas
come from or how you write your work?
Please note: Visual Art must be submitted as a .jpg and may appear in black and white instead of color at the editor’s discretion.
We reserve the right to disqualify submissions for failure to follow the guidelines.
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